by Zilly Sabitova

Not so long ago I saw a post on a social network, a stranger started with: «Mommy, I put on my hat». I began to read.The article was a cry of the heart of a young woman who seemed to understand everything. She wrote about living apart, about home-food, about wearing warm clothes during chilly days. All these simple things which mothers repeat so usually suddenly proved to be important. But why were we so capricious in childhood? Why was it easier to contradict or argue with mom?

I still have no answer. Day by day I ask myself, what was wrong with you? Did you understand what mother’s heart feels? I don`t want to justify myself, I was stupid, I know. I`m glad that now I started to realize what things are necessary. It`s important to phone mommy every day, it`s important to ask how is her health or even mood. Just being in contact, at least this, because I didn`t feel her caring warm hands on my shoulders for so long. You see, I miss.

 Well, these are my feelings. And what will I do after this revelation? Phone and just say: everything is ok, just wanted to remind I love you, dear.