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Group 02-821 “Our Environment our Priority!”


Motivation, inspiration, charisma, enthusiasm and focus all wrapped up in a passion for understanding and conserving “Mother Nature” united 18 students in September 2018.

The institute of Ecology and Management of Natural Resources is where the magic is happening. Specializing in Environmental safety and management in the field of environmental protection, our academic group 02-821 under the guidance of our renowned superb lectures is souring higher and higher just like the eagle and feasting upon knowledge as a hungry lion feasts upon a ram.

We are like soldiers in the army fighting for a balance in our fast degrading environment. Our innovative minds will never come to rest until the thirst for global environmental awareness has been quenched. The head of our group Violetta Gabdrakhimova has been on the tip of toes making sure we are up to date on events and classes. Bravo captain for ensuring that everyone stays on board this ship of knowledge.

United we stand. Our Environment our Priority!




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